Monday, 5 September 2011

In too deep

We kind of have this running joke in our house. It all stemmed from a time where my dad (who really shouldn't be using stuff like ebay, on account of not understanding the fundamentals of using a computer... such as what a cursor is, and a button, and the desktop, or an address bar etc.) found himself in a bit of a pickle after a mix up with seller fees or something. To cut a long story short he hadn't paid them. So he was sent a reminder by ebay which he somehow managed to miss, and another, and another. Eventually he signed into ebay again to buy some kind of portable water tank or something and he stumbles across this series of messages in his inbox. I come home and find him sitting at the computer in a panic crying out that he's "in too deep!" over and over again. I explain to him what's happened, that it's not the end of the world, and that ideally he should learn how to use ebay before committing to buying things on it and all that stuff, and then I log into paypal and pay the outstanding fees. Anyway, everything is ok. Since then however, it's fast become a catchphrase as he'll frequently find himself in similar situations... almost always involving ebay or some other kind of web-based transaction... and, after all, you must remember that he's of the generation that genuinely seem to believe that clicking on the wrong icon could actually kill you or result in the computer turning into a raging fireball, killing everyone.

Yesterday morning we were sitting in the garden having a cup of tea. He was browsing a caravan magazine and we were chatting about something or other - I can't remember exactly what - but I definitely remember that the suggestion came up that he was getting in too deep, or had already gotten in too deep. I'm not sure which. But I'm rambling now... the point is that it suddenly struck me that my dad's epitaph must be "in too deep". I think it's great. A fitting tribute. So we've discussed it and it's definitely going to happen. Just need to work out how I'm gonna kill him now...

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