Monday, 30 May 2011

The Shadow Line... turning out to be a bloody good piece of television. Did the BBC really make this?

Really?? The same corporation that systematically churns out shit such as New Tricks, Life of Riley and Hustle?

I mean - and, really, I mean this with all seriousness - even the title sequence is wiping the floor with everything else on TV at the moment. That music is just incredibly moving. I will admit that some of the dialogue in scenes involving the actress Kierston Wareing is unintentionally laughable - most notably the bizarrely sexually-charged exchanges in the third episode where she found herself caught in a (supposedly tense) stand-off with a gun-brandishing suspect armed only with a wire coat hanger, but other than that there's a lot to love about the series. Apparently she's from Leigh-on-Sea though, so everything's okay. Water under the bridge and all that.

Genuinely brilliant stuff. Go watch.

And if you have the means to do so, watch in HD. I'm telling you; you have not truly experienced the sheer face of Christopher Eccleston until you've experienced it in high definition. License. Fee. Alone.

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