Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sadly I'm sitting in the lounge writing this on the penultimate day of what's been a nice, fairly long and relaxing break back home in Southend. I've been on cat-feeding duty as everybody here went on a holiday together to Greece. Or Cyprus, possibly Turkey... but then they're all essentially the same place aren't they?

Aside from the hairy episode in Asda a couple of days ago it's been a pretty good week. By and large I've managed to keep on top of the cat-feeding aspect of the break too. I like to keep them waiting sometimes though... I'll mix it up a bit, maybe feed them a couple of hours later than usual every now and then - just to keep them on their toes. They don't respect me. Certainly not that Sage. Now, he's a good little man, Sage, and a very solid cat, but he's also a bit of a mystery. He can disappear for long lengths of time. He's very independent. Rumour has it that he's also a bit of a ladies cat - one of the possible reasons why he's acquired the nickname Muffman. I think he likes us to know that, whilst he needs humans around, he could survive without us to no great loss. In his head Sage is doing us a service just by being here. To him, he's all we've got. And that is why I like to disrupt his routine. Onion on the other hand is no trouble at all, unfortunately she's just collateral in Sage's wake. Anyway, great weather. I've been out in the garden all week, shirt off, lager in hand, copy of Nuts by my side, tanning myself silly.

For the first time in ages I've also spent a lot of time working on some songs. You're allowed to yawn at this point. Better still, I permit you to skip the rest of this paragraph... actually you may well need to skip the rest of this entry... things could get really boring from here. I might start talking about chords. I mean, I would probably drone on about diatonic triads if I knew what they were. Heh. So, we spent a couple of days recording at Lance's house; during which we managed to get three songs down. One of them - somewhat unimaginatively titled Missyerface (I know I know, I need to work on titles) - was quite unexpected, given that it didn't exist in any shape or form until the day before we recorded it. In that respect it was great to do something completely new... something that hadn't been sketched out previously and then had time to sit and gather dust for weeks and weeks before we could find time to meet and record it. I think it's pretty much one of the best things we've ever done together.

The second song we worked on is a bit of an experiment really. It's something that we knocked around a year or so ago, maybe a little longer. We started to record it but for some reason it just wasn't feeling right and we'd given up on it. Since then it had just become a long forgotten mp3 inside some long forgotten folder. Anyway, I was sitting at the piano when we were recording Missyerface (the title seems to be getting more annoying each time I write it) and I started to play this old song. Not sure why... I think Lance gets a little annoyed when I do this, as he's usually spent years and years setting up a microphone for a vocal or something, checking levels, doing this and that, twisting knobs & pulling levers, and there I am noodling with some old shit in the corner. He puts on a brave face, but I can tell he dies a little inside every time. I think this one is called Everybody Here's Got Someone to Love, Except Me. I think it's good fun, but then I guess that depends on whether or not you think our stuff is shite.

Third and final song is one that I've just realised doesn't really have a title. I can't believe I haven't thought about this before. I guess we've always referred to it as 'Repair'. Lance likes to call it 'Repairman' but I'm not massively keen on that. Like I said, titles are not a strong point of ours... I mean, usually, if we want to talk about a particular song, the easiest way is for one of us to play a few bars on a guitar or the piano, and then it's like "oh, yeah, that one... Repairman!". Heh. So, yeah, this one is a song that dates back 5 or 6 months, though this is the first time we've attempted to record it. It's always been there, mooching around on the periphery, pressing its face against the glass and watching as stuff like ...Summer gets wheeled out and dusted off. To be honest I never knew how we'd approach it, and I think this is what kept it on the back-burner for so long. And so it proved on Saturday when we started to work on it. We were struggling for a good half an hour before a timely cup of tea and a happy accident gave us the kick we needed. I haven't heard the finished song yet, as Lance is still mixing it, but he's been making some promising noises. Now, in my experience this is a very, very unusual occurrence. We must've done okay if Lance is showing visible signs of enthusiasm.

Or there's something seriously wrong with him.

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