Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The trouble with snooker

1. Players with bald patches.
2. Graeme Dott.

During today's commentary Willie Thorne said "very rarely does anybody beat Graeme Dott comfortably" like it was a good thing. When I think that, for 99% of the population, what he actually meant was "Graeme Dott is like a nasty little smear of dog shit that won't come off your shoe."

Mind you, bald patches and Graeme Dott aside, there are other problems with the game. These include;
  • Players that look like local-branch building society managers (Stuart Bingham)
  • Players that look like vicars (Martin Gould)
  • Players that look like live-action amalgamations of several Matt Groening characters rolled into one & served up with a hefty dollop of Pillsbury Doughboy (Mark Allen)
  • Big Baby
  • Oh, and Stephen Lee is still a massive problem too.


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