Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lance sent me the mix of a new song of ours called A Pinch of Salt last night. I think it's one of the best things we've done, if not the best. I get all excited sometimes when I think we've produced something really good... anyway, I uploaded it to our facebook page thing along with a really old song of ours called Birdwatching. I'd been in two minds about uploading Birdwatching for a while. On the one hand I think it's really good fun, very catchy and immediate and a pretty great recording too for its time, as well as a bit of a milestone for us... but on the other hand I worry that it's too twee or something. Having listened to it again last night my feelings are more of the former. Anyway, listen to me going on like we're the fucking Beatles or something... or like you give a shit. Heh. My point though, is I thought that by uploading them both together I could put up this new & brilliant recording that we're really proud of, and sneakily put up the other one at the same time. Through the back door, so to speak. New and old. A nice contrast... this cheeky romp of a pop song about watching the birds fly and this big bloated fucker that's aiming for something altogether very different. Low and behold, Terry Cooper (yes folks... the Terry Cooper) 'Likes' and comments on Birdwatching. The ultimate snub!

You absolute bastard, Terry.

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