Friday, 27 August 2010

A few days ago I mentioned that we'd been doing a lot of baking. Well, recently we've also become hooked on eBay too, as sellers. Ha, it's so addictive... now I can see why my dad gets so worked up over it. So, yeah, everything revolves around eBay now. It really does.

Right now I'm really excited as I think we stumbled on a potential goldmine, albeit a very modest little one. After a little bit of researching and the sale of a test item I decided to take a bit of a gamble this afternoon, buying a rather large quantity of a particular item at a discounted price. I spent quite a large sum of money, enough for me to be seriously fucked off if this bombs, but so far it's looking very good. I'm not too worried - two of the items from an initial batch of six have sold in under 5 hours... I think it's going to be a win. Heh, I hope it is anyway... after all, I spent more on this than I put in my ISA this month... and I thought that I put a lot in my ISA this month.

I'd love it if one more goes tonight.

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