Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I renewed my car tax today. Like an idiot I'd let it expire on the 30th April. I had the notification thing through the post a good two weeks ago, so I'd had plenty of time to draw on all my sources and focus every last drop of energy onto the dreadfully daunting task of turning on the computer and clicking a few buttons. Anyway, I realised this morning that no tax = no car. Not good. Luckily I was able to borrow one for the day though. A nice newfangled modern car. That's a great thing about being 25 years old... possibly the only great thing about being 25 years old... that I can now drive anybody else's car, providing that their insurance allows it. So, yeah, that was that. It took me a while to get used to the controls but I got there in the end.

As I was saying, I renewed my car tax. Tried to do it in the post office in Southend town centre but it seems they now operate using some kind of ticket system, like they use on the meat counters in supermarkets. Hmm, I couldn't really work out what was going on so I decided to go to my little local branch instead. I love it in there... it's like a time warp. It's exactly as I remember it always being. It's never changed... the smell, the sweets, the signs on the walls, even the staff... nothing.

So I'm in the queue, three people ahead of me, when I start to crave a Caramac. Only I can't buy one, I know it. I learnt long ago with the Caramac that you can look but you can't touch. Ever. There was a good supply of Mr Peanut bars as well. Heh... probably the very same supply of Mr Peanut bars that were there in 1993. I mean, who is buying Mr Peanut bars in this day and age?

In the end I bought a fairly large bag of Liquorice Allsorts. As a result I am now gravely ill.