Sunday, 14 March 2010

Come on Jenson!

Realistically I know that the title will probably go to Vettel, Alonso or Massa... but I'm backing Button. Obviously it's going to be tough just getting the better of Hamilton, but he can only surprise people given that everybody seems to think Lewis will wipe the floor with him. The fact that he had the bollocks to put himself on the line at McLaren says it all for me. As for Schumacher, the backlash has already begun... but I think he's gonna be up there. I mean, who seriously expected him to jump straight back into the cockpit of arguably the third fastest car and dominate? If he hadn't made it through to Q3 yesterday I'd probably feel a little differently now, but 7th doesn't worry me at all. All this shite about Rosberg having the edge over him too... hardly an issue, Rosberg could quite easily be challenging for the championship himself. I mean, If Schumacher's still struggling four or five races into the season then, yeah, there may be reason to worry, but I feel quite confident about him and not surprised by his grid position at all. Much as I want to see Jenson defend his title, I'd love it if Michael won it. Or Alonso. Or Vettel. Or Massa. Or Webber. Or Hamilton...

Just the sight of Fernando Alonso getting into that Ferrari yesterday damn near killed me.


A good race. Not sure I like the no-refueling format much, but time will tell. First reaction seems to be that it takes a major element of excitement away, even though the tyre changes still preserve a degree of pit strategy and luck. Quite pleased with the results though. Although, as expected, my brother couldn't pass up the opportunity to remind me Hamilton got one over on Button, like I didn't see it coming. Heh. He loves the chance to indulge in a little Button-bashing every now and then. Who am I to deny him such pleasure? But, another race or two and he'll come good... I know it.

Anyway, shame about Vettel (again) but massive kudos to Fernando & Felipe for mopping that shit up. Nice to see Schumacher put in a solid, if a little unremarkable drive, to gain a position and a pick up a few points too. On the whole I think it's been a good opening weekend for him. Certainly could've been a lot worse. No doubt the papers will treat it as a major disaster.

But that's enough F1 for now. I seem to have come over all Martin Brundle on yo ass. Not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe there's a time and a place for coming over all Martin Brundle on ass, and that time and place might not be here. So, in celebration of his return to the podium and to finish this entry on a big fuck-off high, I'll leave you with a picture of Felipe Massa. But it could be Danny DeVito, I'm not sure. Over!

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  1. Martin Brundle is a genius. When he stops commentating on F1, I'll stop watching. (I won't, but it sounds rather passionate doesn't it.)

    Button is a class act and should be bashed rarely and only lightly. Sure he struggled with the Mac today, but Shuey was causing a mini-traffic jam.

    Maybe KERS wasn't such a bad thing after all.