Sunday, 21 February 2010

There can be little doubt that, with Live from Studio Five, FIVE (Channel 5 to you and me) have created what is truly one of the most awful programmes ever to grace our screens. To use one of the worst cliches in the book, it's a no-brainer... and soon to be a received wisdom I'm sure. I mean, I imagine that the next generation won't need to be told just how hideous the concept was, they'll just know. It will be ingrained within them.

However, instead of me going on about how dreadful it is like I normally would, I'm actually gonna sit here and eschew my insatiable thirst for negativity in favour of something a little more positive. I'd advise you brace yourself for this one... you see, this one is to be a blog of hope. There may not be many more. Okay, here goes...

Bearing in mind just how abysmal a programme Live from Studio Five is, I put it to you that, in The Gadget Show, FIVE (Channel 5, remember? No, not Five... FIVE) have also somehow created one of the most endearing shows of our time. A show that has quietly and confidently stuck to its guns and, in doing so, has become a real underrated gem. Now, I write this not as a religious viewer of the show by any means, but if I do happen to stumble across it I'll quite happily stick with it until the end. I guess that, much like Fifth Gear, the majority of people just assume it's a cheap knock-off of the BBC's Top Gear. (Heh, which itself is a trifle ironic... what with Top Gear itself becoming a cheap knock-off of Top Gear a long, long time ago.) Anyway, I've got a little sidetracked there, my point is that The Gadget Show isn't, and never has been, as complacent as that. Clearly it owes a great deal to the style, format and success of Top Gear, but the BBC could learn a thing or two about how to make an entertaining and informative show without treating the viewer like an idiot.

I think it's the restless enthusiasm of the presenters that I really admire about The Gadget Show. I'm not good with names... and if I was a good blogger I'd google them... but I don't feel the need to. They've got a great team, I think that kinda covers it. Particular praise goes out to the main three: Suzi (I think that's right), the bald guy with the glasses (something's telling me Jason??) and finally, a guy whose name eludes me but who comes on like a slightly younger, yet even more crazy Giles Brandreth.* Heh. So there we are... The Gadget Show, I salute you. Long may you continue to be one of the best shows on TV.

* Thanks to wikipedia I've sinced found out he's called Jon. And I forgot Ortis! How could I forget Ortis?? Ortis, I salute you too.

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