Saturday, 20 February 2010

Another haircut today. Two within a three month period now... I'm on a roll... a real hot streak. The girl in the shop was a little crazy though. Hmmm, or maybe she was just German. Heh. That's not an attack on German people there, just an excuse for yet another bad joke. She was lovely. It was just a very weird & slightly intense experience all round.

As always, the subject of work quickly came up and I said what I did. Anyway, she then took the ball and ran with it. For ages... she ran with it for ages. After a while I started to wonder whether I'd ever see that sweet little metaphorical ball again. She talked at length about how great artists were misunderstood in their lifetime and how tragic the whole affair was. Now, of course, there's nothing new or particularly weird about that, and I was more than happy to just listen to her talking, but she then likened it to having a child and having people say "no, no, no... you're not doing it right" and taking it away from you. It was quite a macabre twist, and one I didn't see coming. I was just so surprised by it. I mean, I think it was likely the result of some kind of translation glitch, and that whatever it was that she was trying to get across just came out wrong... but it sounded very odd and I got this strange sense that she'd kinda revealed too much. I don't know what it is that she 'revealed' but I can't find another way to describe it. Not suggesting it was even a personal thing in any way either, just that there was a distinct feel to it. Anyway, I think she picked up that I was a little alarmed and so it kind of trailed off into nothingness.

I left it a few seconds and then said "Yeah." *

Normal service then resumed. The haircut was finished with minimum fuss - no 'product' - & I even got a double stamp on my loyalty card to boot. Ha... loyalty card. In a hairdressers. What a strange concept.

* Much like Pritt, you can always depend on "Yeah." It's very versatile.

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