Sunday, 24 January 2010

Starting a workshop thingy in the art department Tuesday evening. Not exactly sure what's expected of me but, as I understand it, I've just got to be be around. Heh, so I can drift around talking to students about what they're doing & trying to offer some kind of advice and all that. It's all very informal, so I guess it's just a case of winging it. I think I'll be ok. But then I would say that, wouldn't I... I mean, if I really thought about it, I'd probably go to pieces. Sometimes I feel I can see the line between ok and definitely not ok and how easy it would be to just fall over it. But anyway, that's something else entirely, and 'ok' and 'definitely not ok' really aren't what I mean at all. But enough of that. I said yes to it as I figured it can only help me in the long run if I do have any plans on teaching. Nice little bit of experience for the CV. Plus I was quite flattered to be asked too, not that I should read too much into that. I mean, there was nobody else... but, anyway, the real clincher was that, by saying yes, I would be ensuring myself what every technician before me has longed for; a legitimate excuse for missing the notoriously long (and notoriously dull) faculty meetings that come round but once a month yet seem to last an entire month. Heh.

We were on a trip to the British Museum last Monday to see a show they've currently got going down in the print room, stuff from the Mexican revolution. Some amazing woodcuts. Anyway, on the way out we took the group into the Egyptian room. Now I don't know much about ancient Egypt at all, but even I could feel the extraordinary presence that radiates from that shit. I had me a little wander around, looking at old bits of wood, old bits of metal and some old bones. I couldn't help but feel amused by the juxtaposition of these extremely delicate and surprisingly small mummified corpses, with all their intoxicating power and silent grace, and the groups of teenage girls giggling and taking photos of each other in front of them for their facebook page. You wonder just what the Egyptians would make of it. Heh. Not that I care in the slightest. I don't think that's a bad thing at all, just funny. That idea of taking photos of each other with what is essentially a dead body in the background. It's probably one of the only scenarios where it is socially acceptable to do that... much in the same way that it's only socially acceptable to say 'hello' to people you don't know now when you're on holiday.

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