Saturday, 28 November 2009

"Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife..."

A drunk couple on the train last night. She had a foul mouth and he sounded like a right numpty. Well, truth is they were both numpties. She came out with some nonsense about a German drink and how it "tasted of Nazism". It was quite awkward as they were standing by the doors, right near where we were sitting. He declared "Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife..." and then went back to arguing for a while. Then she came out with another gem when she gestured to me and said "look, a flock of seagulls" and they both found it funny. I think I understood the reference... a bit of a tenuous one if you ask me... but I just felt a bit sorry for her. It must be horrible living like that. As far as my frequent verbal abuse goes, it was right up there with the time I was having lunch on a Sunday with my parents in a Yates and a tubby drunk man in a suit pointed at me and repeatedly said "Adrian Mole!"

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