Sunday, 22 March 2009

There was one other thing that I wanted to immortalise in blog-form...

Bear in mind that me & Sonny are sad and drifting towards middle age, and we have taken to meeting on a Sunday morning in Asda of all places to eat breakfast. I'd recommend it... they have a killer deal going on with the value breakfast & whoever's in charge of cooking those hash browns is an artist. Anyway, one of the items in the value breakfast is either a tinned or a fresh tomato. I don't really do tomatoes, so I asked whether I could swap my tomato for something else. The first time I tried this - a couple of weeks ago - the woman said 'no' and that was that. I think they might've taken pity on me and given me a slice of toast but I'm not sure... and last week I asked again and was allowed to go for a second (incredible) hash brown. Today I tried the old tomato-swap routine again, but this time I was intent on getting some mushrooms. I couldn't believe it though - she said 'no'. I could swap the tomato for another slice of bacon, a sausage, an egg, a hash brown, or more beans, but not for mushrooms. Of course, I went for another hash brown, I'm not an idiot.

I guess my point is that surely mushrooms should be below items like bacon, sausages & the like in terms of importance. Surely they're a lot cheaper for them to produce and everything. I mean, I'm not angry about this or anything... and I'm not going to be losing sleep... it's just that I'm puzzled as to why these mushrooms are so elusive. Why are they forbidden? If anything, it just makes me want them more.

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