Monday, 23 March 2009

Made the mistake of bumping into Steve on my way into work this morning. I caught the train to Leigh station and planned on walking the rest of the journey to the college. Anything to avoid a bus. It's quite a straightforward walk that should take about 35 minutes - you go straight up from the seafront onto London Road, and then stay on that road for 20-odd minutes 'til you reach the college - but I decided to take Steve's more scenic route instead. When he said that it was "through the countryside" I just assumed that he meant we'd cut across a couple of fields before joining London Road. I couldn't have been more wrong... the walk took over an hour and seemed to circumnavigate the whole of Essex before popping out just yards away from the college. I was knackered... completely knackered. There was some kind of fluid cascading from my nose and everything. We'd gone through an unfeasibly high number of fields, seen dog-walkers, clambered over the remains of Hadleigh castle and trekked through at least three woods. And even though it resulted in me turning up nearly half an hour late, sweating profusely, and secreting some kind of fluid from my nose, it was a fantastic walk.

Once I got there, work itself was manic. It's exam week for the AS students and they are all trying to get set for their exam but there's no paint ready for them... so I'm rushing - still sweating/panting/secreting - and trying to make everything run smoothly. I was all over the place though; from the moment I arrived I was being approached from all angles by students and staff asking for this and that, when all I wanted to do was sit down for 5 minutes. To make matters worse, I've got this guy doing work experience with me all week, so I'm having to show him how to do things and all that shite. It's a bit of a pain in the arse really. You know, he's a nice enough kid... but I really would have been better off if I could have sorted everything out by myself. Before I left I replenished everything for tomorrow. It's good to be organised... right now my only worry is that we're dangerously low on red acrylic (amongst others) and we've got four more important days to get through. I thought I'd fax an order to our supplier to speed up the process, but didn't pay the extra for the fast delivery, so it definitely won't get here until next week. What an idiot... I was too embarrassed to go back to the finance department and get them to re-process everything... especially as they were doing me a favour in the first place by rushing it through for me. It's like that thing where you say your goodbyes and leave a room successfully before realising you've left something in there & have to go back in. I couldn't do it. Anyway, I'll ration the paint and hide it somewhere. Oh the joys of the technician life.

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