Saturday, 28 March 2009

A killer breakfast today. Me & Sonny (aka the Sonnmeister general) popped into town because I wanted to go trawling charity shops for mirrors, but it was too cold & miserable so we just ended up going into Bhs for breakfast. It wasn't a planned thing... and I don't know if it affects the usual Sunday morning arrangement we've got going on. Right now I think it does, as my breakfast was fucking huge. I think another one tomorrow might make my heart burst and I don't want that.

For some reason the girl behind the counter gave me larger portions of everything. I was instantly worried. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining... but I could see that she was gonna struggle getting everything onto the plate. It was mildly embarrassing... I mean, was she aware that she'd been putting too much on and then had to keep it up to save face? This happens to me quite a lot in there actually, and I tend to get either a much better looking plate or much more food on it than whoever's with me does on theirs. I'd like to think it's my irresistible charm and my silky smooth tones that does it, but it's more likely that they see my scrawny little wimp arms and take pity on me. I had at least 30% more than Sonny today. There's really no explanation for all this.

Come on, Jenson!

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