Monday, 2 March 2009

Got my car back today. As you'd imagine, there's nothing on Earth I'd love more than to rant on about what a terrible inconvenience it all was, and how it made the last 10 days a LIVING HELL, but the truth is that it was quite a smooth & painless experience. My car had been booked into a garage after somebody hit me from behind. It's a situation that's proved a fantastic way of meeting middle-aged women.

It took me a couple of days to get used to the hire car. It was a VW Polo & I was shocked to find myself behind the wheel of a car with peddles that responded to pressure, brakes that slowed the car down & steering that seemed to want to get me safely around corners. I couldn't believe it; this is not the kind of thing I'm used to! I stalled it straight away and went into a panic, then I drove home - terrified - at 30mph. The next day when I had to go out and do my little weekly shop I decided to walk because I was shit-scared of the Polo.

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