Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Caught a glimpse of what looked like the most fantastic mirror in a charity shop on my walk from college to Leigh station. Wish I'd had some money on me at the time 'cause I know just from seeing it hanging in there from 30 metres away that it's perfect. From what I could make out it appeared to have a terribly naff gold frame and an interesting shape. I have to get to the shop before it closes tomorrow... because I need that mirror. I wonder if I can haggle. Is that the done thing is charity shops? I suppose it's morally questionable. Having said that, my sttempts at haggling in the past have resulted in me paying more if anything. I just hope that, 1, it's still there, and, 2, it turns out to be everything that I hope it is... because it's given me a very specific idea. It's funny how these mundane little decisions you make in life can lead to interesting things. Things that you'd otherwise not come across. I think this could be a development!

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